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Call Us Today! 941-232-5735

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Booth Studio Inc
 Herb Booth is one of the best photographers in the country and a close friend of Captain Stu. Herb does shoots for businesses and individual clients!
Marina Jack
One of the nicest marinas in the state! They always have something fun going on or something good to eat
Steve Whitlock Art
Another one of Captain Stuart's close friends and an incredible artist. If you are looking for fish prints or wildlife art then he's the guy to go to.
Shadow-Caster Lights
Captain Stuart has Shadow-Caster lights on all of his boats! Light up the water and attract bait balls with the awesome marine LED's

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Stuart Daneman Spearguns

One of Captain Stuart's other businesses. Do you like spearfishing? Check out the coolest guns on the market. Creator of the Kudana double barrel speargun!

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