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Charters run as late as 12:00 am

Beat the mid-day heat with a night fishing charter! See the water from a whole new perspective and enjoy the beautiful night air as you fish in Sarasota Bay.

Many fish are more active at night and a night fishing charter will put you right in the middle of the action! On a night time fishing charter you can expect to catch what Captain Stuart refers to as “The Big Three,” trout, redfish, and snook. However these are just a few of the fish that can be caught. Others include ladyfish, black drum, flounder, and shark. If you are specifically interested in catching a shark, let us know and we will bring the proper gear.

There are many interesting sights and sounds that make night fishing special. So book your inshore night fishing charter and enjoy this unique experience!

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Come with Captain Stuart on an inshore adventure in Sarasota Bay. These trips are perfect for those anglers looking to have an amazing time catching fish without the hassle of going offshore. Inshore charters are small private trips and can include up to 4 people. We offer trips of up to 8 hours with a 2 hour minimum.

What's Included?

Fishing License
All Fishing Gear- Rods, reels, lures, etc.
Cooler Full of Ice- For all of your drinks and snacks
Bottled Water
Safety Equipment
Pick Up from boat ramp or marina

What to Expect

Expect to catch fish and have an incredible time! There are many types of fish that could be caught on an inshore fishing charter. Depending on the weather and season you can expect to catch trout, redfish, snook, red grouper, gag grouper, flounder, and many more. Trips can even be geared towards special trophy fish like tarpon or shark.

Trips can be strictly catch and release or you can keep your limit of fish. If you decide you want to keep your fish Captain Stuart will clean and fillet them at the boat ramp or will deliver them to you packed in ice. We can also recommend cooking methods or restaurants that will prepare it for you.

​Stuart Daneman Charters’ focus on maximum enjoyment so sit back, relax, catch some fish, and let Captain Stuart take care of the rest.